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Using Personality Tests to Assess Employment Candidates

Posted on June 27, 2015 in Employment by

Many companies realize the considerable cost involved in hiring, training and retain employees. One approach that companies have started to use is to include personality tests in the hiring process. Personality tests can provide a scientific approach to identifying candidates that are the right fit for the work environment. A number of different personality tests have been used in these situations, and the results can be helpful in a number of ways.

What Exactly is Personality Testing and How is it Used in Hiring?

Personality is a set of preferences of thought or action that comes natural to someone. Most researchers believe that personality become set at a young age and does not change. Personality characteristics can explain why some people are natural organizers, why some make decisions based on facts and not feelings and why some are comfortable with limited personal interaction. Personality types are never negative, but certain personality types work better with other types. People of specific personality types are draw to certain positions.

Hiring managers and human resource professionals can use personality assessment of employment candidates as a way to identify the strengths of a candidate and the candidate’s fit with the position and office. For personality testing to be an effective tool, it can be important to understand the personality types of individuals already working for the organizations. Through assessment of employees, management can identify the personality types most present in the office, personality types of high performers and personality types of management. Then, the goal is to identify candidate with personality characteristics that would be a good match.

What Personality Assessment are Available?

Today, a number of companies provide personality assessment of employment candidates, and there are a couple of frequently used assessments, including the DISC and CPI. The DISC, or Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness assessment, identifies the primary and secondary personality style of individuals based on quadrants taken from the assessment’s name. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. CPI, or the California Psychological Inventory, rates test-takers on 18 scales, which measure interests, personality, and behavioral characteristics.

DISC and CPI provide hiring managers with objective information about candidates that can complement other objective information, such as work history and credentials, and subjective information from interviewers. While personality testing can only serve as one part of the hiring process, personality assessment of employees before hiring can provide an additional way to try to increase employee retention, improve team morale and save money.

Singapore Employment Pass Visa Issued To Foreign Professionals And Businessmen

Posted on June 20, 2015 in Employment by

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa issued to foreign professionals, supervisors, and key employees who want to relocate in the country. Meanwhile, this visa is also given to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors who want to personally manage their business in Singapore.

To qualify for this visa, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires foreign applicants to have a college diploma from a reputable school. However, the agency informs people that meeting this requirement does not guarantee a successful application particularly if they fall short in the other criteria.

Aside from the college diploma, another important requirement for professionals is a work-related experience (preferably at least five years) that has enhanced their skills and knowledge in their respective profession.

(Special note: Foreign entrepreneurs are first required to incorporate their company before they can apply for EP.)

Another important requirement for EP applicants is that they should have at least a fixed monthly salary of S$2,500. A fixed monthly salary does not include payment for overtime, commission, bonus, employers contributions to workers pensions, allowance, and productivity incentives.

Meanwhile, these are the documents and certifications EP applicants should present to the agency:
A completed Employment Pass Application form which can be downloaded from the agencys main website.

For professionals. If their would-be employer is a Singapore-based company, they should get sponsorship from this entity. But for those whose employer is an overseas company which does not operate a local office in the country, they must still be sponsored by a local company.

It is important that the employer signs and stamps the application form with its company seal.
A companys latest business profile which must be registered to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). If it is not yet registered, it should at least produce registration papers from its professional body.

Educational certifications.

If applicable, testimonials from previous employers.

All the relevant travel documents including a copy of passport particulars.

A passport-sized photograph of a person which must be taken within the past three months.

(Special note: Applicants who have non-English certificates and documents must submit a copy of the original papers together with its official translated-version that is certified by their respective embassy.)

London Employment Agency – Find A Job of Your Dreams

Posted on June 18, 2015 in Employment by

Finding a job in a big city like London can be tough, and finding your dream job can be tougher. Job seekers cannot solely rely on job ads and referrals if they want to land a position that fits their qualification and personality. Recruitment agencies London can help them find the best fit jobs for qualified candidates.

There are many ways an employment agency London based can help you. Here are some of the top advantages of using London job agencies;es;

1. Connection with the best companies. London’s most progressive and innovative companies of today no longer invest in putting up their own hiring team; they engage the services of recruitment agencies in London. So if you want to take your career with the best companies, your best chances are with a reputable employment agency.

2. More efficient job search – With a recruitment agency, you don’t need to scour the whole city or randomly send copies of your CV in search for the job. You only need to submit a comprehensive CV to the agency and they will do the search for you. Once a probable job that fits your qualifications and personality comes up, you are called for briefing and instructions and then sent to the hiring company for interviews. You only go to interviews for the jobs that give you the best chances of getting hired.

3. Improve your qualifications – Most London job agencies offer basic trainings that will enhance your skills and qualifications. They will also guide you on how to compose a most favourable CV that will present the best of your qualifications leading to higher chances of getting hired.

4. Employment Options – Are you sure you are going after the right career? Employment consultants in recruitment offices can help you identify your true calling, and it might be different from the line of career you are following.

5. Job and Labour Security – You are technically hired and paid by the agency, thus you do not run the risk of landing a job with abusive employers who might have the propensity of underpaying or overworking employees.

6. Back your application – This is especially important to first time job seekers who still lack job experience. Companies usually favour workers who already have significant work experience thus making is doubly hard for fresh graduates or first time job seekers to land a job. But with the backing of an employment agency in London, companies consider inexperienced workers.

How To Pass A Drug Test As Part Of Pre-employment Screening

Posted on June 2, 2015 in Employment by

Its the perfect job  flexible timings, good pay and just five minutes from home. You just have to figure out how to pass a drug test that you need to undergo prior to receiving your employment letter.

There are four possible sources of samples for drug testing: Hair, Saliva, Blood or Urine.

Lets look at how to pass a drug test when the sample is a urine sample. In case of a pre  employment drug test, the source is almost always the urine sample.

In case of a pre  employment drug test, the employee has to usually go to a collection center where the urine sample is collected, sealed and send to the laboratory for testing. In case the sample is positive, the prospective candidate is contacted to see whether there is any reasonable explanation like prescription medications that were being used. Alternatively, urine sample drug testing kits are also being used and they are 99% accurate depending on the credibility of the manufacturer.

Steps on how to pass a drug test (Urine Sample):

1. Avoid drugs is what anybody would say if asked advice on How to pass a drug test!

2. For those who do not have that option here are some more ways of passing a drug test in case of a urine sample for a pre-employment drug test:

3. Add commercially available chemicals to mask the urine sample. Most laboratories check for all known adulterants. However, newer varieties of adulterants keep getting introduced and if you are one step ahead of the laboratory, then you can get away with the drug test.

4. Add warm water to the urine sample to lower the percentage of drug in the sample. However, if you are going to a collection center, in all likely hood sources of water would be disconnected or the water would be colored to detect dilution. So unless you can sneak in water at the right temperature or by pass the collection center, this is a trifle tricky to achieve.

5. Drink at least eight glasses or more of water before the test. A word of caution though  most laboratories have wizened up to this fact and any sample that is very dilute gets flagged as a suspicious one and specific gravity tests are done to check whether the potential employee has a naturally dilute sample.

6. Instead of your own sample provide somebody elses urine sample that has been refrigerated for not more than 48 hours or provide synthetic urine. This looks to be the most effective means as of now if the sample is maintained at the right temperature and delivered within the right timeframe.

Pre employment drug tests are the easiest to get by. In fact studies show that pre-employment positive drug tests are as low as 5% in United States as compared to drug tests in other circumstances.

Your job is waiting for you  Go grab it! J

Caribbean Cruise Employment

Posted on May 26, 2015 in Employment by

For illustration, “This corporation will not deny employment to any applicant solely since the particular person has been convicted of a crime. The corporation, having said that, may well contemplate the nature, date and conditions of the offense as perfectly as regardless of whether the offense is applicable to the responsibilities of the place applied for.

5.The employment application should obviously state that any false or misleading statements or substance omissions is grounds to terminate the application approach, or to terminate employment if it has started, irregardless of when the information is found. This is an additional critical aspect of an useful application. Employers typically cannot deny employment automatically due to the fact of a criminal conviction without taking specified variables into consideration. However, in which a man or woman has lied on their application by not admitting a prior criminal conviction in a response to a immediate question, the lack of honesty is a legitimate cause for a rejection. An applicant desires to obviously realize dishonesty can lead to termination no make a difference when it is learned.ed.

six.If the qualifications screening may perhaps not be accomplished prior to the get started date for the position, make convinced the applicant understands any employment is conditioned on the employer’s receipt of a background report that is satisfactory to the employer. Desire you found these 10 tax tips practical. These self employment tax deductions can help you save you a good deal of revenue when you do your taxes. Just make sure you follow the tax regulations extremely thoroughly or you could end up on the IRS’s audit record.

If you can’t manage to get a Caribbean cruise, why not get the job done on a Caribbean cruise liner. There are numerous employment possibilities on cruise ships which includes housekeeping staffs, wait employees, activity planners and photographers. Other positions include things like deck officers, administrators and musicians. Some employment, like diving instructors demand that you be certified by NAUI, SSI or PADI and be licensed in CRP. If you have practical experience in any or all of the earlier mentioned, then brush off your resume and deliver it to a cruise line employment workplace.

The really very first stage in acquiring employment aboard a cruise ship is to pick out the job you want. You ought to make guaranteed that it is a job you are qualified for, and you fulfill the needs of the career description. Even even though there are usually openings that have to be filled, cruise lines are pretty selective and quite specific about the application practice. The training, qualifications or expertise you will need is dependent on the task you are applying for, so consider to match your competencies and interests to a unique career onboard. Some careers are normally only obtainable to all those who have worked on cruise ships until now.

A cruise ship is like a floating city and like any metropolis there are usually employment possibilities. If you are interested, go on the net or contact the cruise line you are fascinated in and see what possibilities are readily available.

While functioning for a cruise line may perhaps appear like the dream work, hold it head for the most piece, the perform is tough, the fork out is minimum and the hrs are prolonged.

Fighting Breach of Employment Contract by Employer

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Employment by

Does a contract outline the terms and conditions of your employment? An employment contract is a good way to avoid legal disputes between the employer and the employee. Whether it is a verbal or a written one, there is no guarantee that there would be no breach. If this happens, you need a consultation with an employment lawyer.

How does an employment contract benefit an employee? This agreement provides in specific terms what the employer expects from an employee. This helps you to understand the way things work, and the way you need to conduct yourself.

How does the contract benefit an employer? The employer may use this as a tool to safeguard company information, especially the confidential things the employee learns during their job tenure.

Why is it better to get this in writing? Most Florida workers are at will’ and there are no written contracts outlining the terms and conditions of employment. Getting a contract in place is good for employers as well as employees.

Moreover, if these provide alterative dispute resolution tactics, it may also lessen the chances of litigation. If the agreement lists the possible circumstances under which you may face termination, and your termination does fall in these classifications, you may not be eligible for filing a wrongful termination complaint.

What should you do if you suspect a breach of contract? The first thing to do is find a competent Fort Myers employment lawyer. Why is this so important? Just a suspicion of this breach is not enough, you need a legal practitioner to analyze the terms in the contract and ascertain whether the employer’s conduct is a breach or not.

Suppose you face a termination from job. If your employment contract prohibits termination before a certain period, this may be a breach. However, only a lawyer can analyze your contract and assess whether it is so.

If you do have adequate evidence to establish this breach, you may file a case at a court of law. Your employment lawyer can handle the necessary filing and the ensuing court proceedings.

What are the possible remedies available? It depends on the exact circumstances of your case. However, there are two possible solutions:

*The court may order performance as per the contract clauses *The court may order monetary damages including legal costs

The most important thing to do is find a good lawyer to know for sure whether there was a breach before you decide to file a case against your employer.

Microsoft Office Test An Essential Pre-employment Testing Method

Posted on May 4, 2015 in Employment by

Computers have turned out to be very important in every office, and computer technology happens to be more essential now than forever before. Software applications like Microsoft office could boost the efficiency of the employees and the whole business all together. Employees could make use of it to make a business plan, marketing material, a letterhead, a sales brochure, profit-loss ledger, and many more. This software application has reduced the pressure for many workers as it has permitted completion of everyday jobs in a more faster and accurate way. These days, Microsoft office has turned out to be more than just a benefit that an employee could finish. Its main role in retaining high output has made it an essential skill. Thus, if a job explanation requires use or even just few awareness with these applications, it is very essential to confirm that your job candidates has the talents necessary to carry out the work. One of the proven methods to objectively decide computer talents is to carry out a Microsoft office test.

Even though Microsoft has their own certification course, they generally charge heavy fees to persons. Office test for pre employment hiring reasons are accessible through skilled providers like Employment Skills online test. A Microsoft Office test is generally a multiple choice or an interactive test that would determine precisely what a prospective job aspirant knows and does not know. Interactive Microsoft office tests are generally simulation type where aspirants are asked to do specific tasks using menus, tool bars, shortcut keys, et cetera. These tests come as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, FrontPage, Outlook and Excel exams.

You could choose one or else a combination of Microsoft Office tests, depending on your office’s requirements. They as well come in different versions; if your company presently uses the 2010, 2002 or 2007 versions, you could find a test that will best suit your present requirements. Microsoft Office Test as well come in different levels, generally in beginner, advanced or intermediate levels. You could choose from these stages depending on what is necessary by the job in sight. If the work needs preparation of business reports and proposals reports, you may want to perform not less than an intermediary level to higher level to guarantee high output.

Proving Race Discrimination In Employment

Posted on April 21, 2015 in Employment by

Direct race discrimination is when an organisation (or an employee of the organisation) treats a person less favourably than someone else on racial grounds. Proving direct race discrimination is not trivial. The burden of proof is on the employee alleging the discrimination. The UK landmark case of Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins of 2006, where the Employment Tribunal’s finding of race discrimination led (after Abbey National’s refusal to comply with the Tribunal’s order to re-instate Mr Chagger to remedy its wrongdoing) to the record 2.8 million compensation order, serves to illustrate the burden of proof in race discrimination. Abbey National (being re-branded as Santander from 2010 and being part of the Banco Santander Group) employed Balbinder Chagger as one of its two Trading Risk Controllers, both managed by Nigel Hopkins. Mr Chagger was of Indian origin. He earned approximately 100,000 per year. Abbey National dismissed him in 2006, apparently for reasons of redundancy. The redundancy pool of selection was he and the other Trading Risk Controller, a white female.

The employee alleging the race discrimination must prove that his employer, on the balance of probabilities, discriminated against him on racial grounds. On the balance of probabilities means that the alleger needs to prove that it is more likely than not that the employer treated him differently on the grounds of his race; the alleger does not need to prove with absolute certainty that the employer discriminated.

The alleger must prove that he was treated less favourably than someone else (preferably a real comparator, but it could also be a hypothetical comparator) on the grounds of race. This can often be very difficult because the employer will almost always deny that the alleged discrimination had anything to do with race.

Mr Chagger established a case based on facts suggesting there had been race discrimination. The Employment Tribunal found that Mr Chagger had been selected for redundancy and had been dismissed and that a real comparator (the other Trading Risk Controller) had not. The Tribunal noted that there was a difference in race, colour and ethnic origin between Mr Chagger and the comparator. The Tribunal noted the following: Mr Chagger’s selection for redundancy was grossly unfair; Mr Hopkins had predetermined that Mr Chagger would be the employee that would be selected for redundancy; Mr Hopkins had used the redundancy selection process as a means to remove Mr Chagger from his position; Mr Hopkins had reduced Mr Chagger’s redundancy scores on matters which no reasonable employer would have taken into account; Abbey National provided no Equal Opportunity training for any of the managers it assigned to hear and decide on Mr Chagger’s issues and complaints of race discrimination; Abbey National failed to answer Mr Chagger’s Race Relations Act Questionnaire; and Abbey National was in breach of the statutory Code of Practice on Racial Policy in Employment by failing to carry out monitoring, failing to take allegations of race discrimination seriously, and failing to investigate them promptly.

If the alleger can establish a case based on facts suggesting there has been race discrimination, then the burden of proof could shift to the employer to prove otherwise. The employer will then be burdened with the task of having to prove that it would have treated in a similar way someone else who was not of the same racial group as the alleger. If the employer does not have any non-discriminatory explanation, or if the Tribunal finds the explanation inadequate or unsatisfactory, then the Tribunal must infer discrimination on racial grounds.

The Tribunal was satisfied that, on the balance of probabilities, Abbey National and Mr Hopkins had discriminated against Mr Chagger on the grounds of race in respect of his dismissal. The Tribunal, therefore, passed the burden of proof to Abbey National and Mr Hopkins to show that there was no discrimination whatsoever in respect of Mr Chagger’s selection for redundancy and dismissal.

The employer will almost always deny that the alleged discrimination had anything to do with race. The explanation that Abbey National and Mr Hopkins put forward was that the selection for redundancy and dismissal was carried out fairly. The Tribunal rejected this explanation for the factors listed above. Abbey National then put forward an alternative explanation, that Mr Hopkins and Mr Chagger could not have had any reasonable working relationship (that is, the difference in treatment suffered by Mr Chagger was for a reason other than racial grounds). The Tribunal could not rely on this explanation; it was an explanation that Mr Hopkins himself did not accept.

Results Employment Confess Card On-line Form

Posted on April 11, 2015 in Employment by

Also observe that, despite your good intentions, your low credit score will probably be a significant factor in the quantity of interest that you spend. Then there is the HCFP Direct Loan Program which can make it feasible for individuals or families to qualify for any home loan at a reasonable rate of interest. Nevertheless, the interest will almost certainly be higher. But Heskey is keen to maximise his very own financial gain by moving to Villa on the end of the season, reports the Daily Mirror. This trend is extremely planning to continue until the existing financial crisis ends, which may take up to five years to relax with the UK financial systems.

So, go for your cellphone and borrow the wee amount unless payday comes closer. After this really is accomplished, you’ll have a better thought of just how much money you can get having a PLUS loan. It takes only your personal computer connected on the Internet. Loan Requirements – In order to qualify with this kind of loans you have to meet the necessities. Another thing with Project Payday is you’ve to sign up to the free trial version to build an income not fake how to make money marketing cpa offers with the web this type of large part of our own lives today, increasingly more individuals are looking for opportunities to create money online. Interest starts accruing the second you are taking the advance loan, no matter how quick you spend it back.

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Singapore Employment Service

Posted on April 7, 2015 in Employment by

The employment services provides a number of human resources services to organizations. These services consist of providing temporary staff with other businesses; supporting employers identify ideal staff and provides human resources services to clients.

The Employment Services industry has four unique sections. Employment Placement Agencies list employment openings and place permanent employees. Temporary Assistance Services, also called Temporary Staffing Agencies, supply workers on an agreement schedule for a limited time to clients in need of staffs to support their work force. Executive Search Services, also known as headhunters, offer research, recruiting, and placement services with regard to clients with specific executive and senior management needs. Professional employer organizations are usually engaged in providing recruiting as well as hr administration solutions to staff client businesses. They might discuss duty as a co-employer of workers to provide a cost-effective method of the administration and also supervision of the recruiting capabilities of the clients.

The typical Employment Placement Agencies includes a comparatively little permanent employees, typically fewer than 10 staffs, who interview jobseekers and try to match their own qualifications and skills to people being searched by employers in regards to certain career opportunities.

Contrary to small employment placement agencies, Temporary Staffing Agencies usually utilize additional workers. They offer temporary staff to other businesses to help or enhance their particular workforce within specific circumstances, including worker absences, temporary talent shortages, as well as various periodic workloads. They are hired, paid and contracted to clients by the temporary staffing agencies either on a prearranged payment or on an agreed hourly salary. Some organizations prefer to use Temporary staff full-time on a continuous basis instead of hiring permanent employees, who certainly get greater wages and advantages.

Executive Search firms try to identify the most effective candidates for top-level administration and executive jobs. Clients hire professional recruiters to save time and protect discretion. They do keep a large data source of executives’ resumes and check these particular databases to identify and examine candidates who’re likely to heighten a client’s corporate tradition and strategic plan. Executive Search companies perform pre-screening selection interviews, research and background checks.

Professional Employer Organizations concentrate on performing a wide range of human resources and staff administration duties to their clients, including payroll processing, accounting, benefits management, recruiting, and labour associations. Staffs leasing institutions really are a kind of professional manager organization which usually specializes in acquiring and leasing several or all of their client’s employees; these people serve as the employer with the rented workers when it comes to administrating payroll, benefits and associated functions.

To find out more about Executive Search, visit the website: